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Is it normal to feel that my dad's in the room with me?
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My dad died 6 years ago and ever since I've felt as if he's in the room with me! I know he's gone up to heaven and he would have no reason to come back! So why do I feel as if he's in the room with me? And is that normal?
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It is totally normal. You are missing him.
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It's very common, my brother died, and I feel like he's with me every second of every day. Don't be hard on yourself. :)
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you missing your dad!! That's verey normal
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Yeah, that is normal. Your dad's spirit is still alive he has just left his body behind.
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You should bury the corpse instead of keeping it under the bed.

Incidentally, the word "bed" itself looks like a bed.
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Because you wish he was there and the feeling of wanting him to be there makes you feel his presence.
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My dad died in 2004. That feeling you talk about is just beginning to fade, or at least not be as constant as it used to be.
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