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I feel jealous when my boyfriend talks about his family/sister towards me. I guess it's cause I want a relationship w/ my family the way he is w/ his family. I want to be loved and accepted like how he loves his family and how his family loves him. He never complains or talks about his family in a bad way. He says how his family never fight and that him and his sister never fight either. When I've asked if he ever fought w/ his sister he told me about this one time when they were younger and she kicked him in the nose by accident. He goes on and tells me random facts about his sister out of the blue by saying what she wants for Christmas, her obsession and her favorite shows. They sit and watch movies together and like the same stuff it seems. They're pretty close he listens to everything she says and takes her feelings into consideration and they do the same for him. Well w/ me it's different. I do a lot for my family but feel like I'm unappreciated and ignored by them. I tell them everything w/ how I feel to what I'm thinking but they say I'm over dramatic or they criticize me. I do a lot for them by giving and doing things for them but I never am loved back the same way. I don't expect anything from them all I want is their love and appreciation but they don't seem to want to give it to me. Well I accept my boyfriend as family cause I love him so much and I believe that a bf/gf should be considered family but I don't think he considers me a part of his family. He talks so good about them. It's like he has a perfect family. Today my sister was talking to her friend and I was asking what and who they were talking about cause they were on their laptop looking at a girl and when I asked who it was they ignored me then I asked again she's like "Don't worry about it" in front of her friend. It made me feel sad. I wish my family would put me above everyone else but they don't. I want someone to put me as their priority I'm always last including family. I wish someone would put me first. It seems like everyone I've known has put everyone before me including family members. I've never been someone's first even though I give and give and still nothing...

It's like i'm invisible and putting my all into nothing.. I feel depressed, agitated and stuff. I'm not the same person I was before. I've changed a little.

Plus he gets defensive it seems and weird when I talk about his family. When I ask him questions about them he gets all quiet and ignores some questions I ask. Last night he said the medicine his parents bought him tasted gross and when I told him he should tell them to get fruit flavored ones he got all weird and was telling me to "shh" and was saying that his head hurt but still.

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I think you should make a NY resolution to stop whining, stop focussing on what you haven't got and focus on what you do have, which seems to be a very patient longsuffering boyfriend.

If you continue to let jealousy and insecurity rule your life soon you won't have him either.
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Fuck off back to Mexico,and eat enchiladas!
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