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Is it normal to fight with your boyfriend almost every noght
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So my boyfriend and I fight almost every night. and I'm tired of it. Is this normal?
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me and mine do too. i just wanna give up most of the time.
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I fight with my boyfriend every night also but we always end up doing something naughty :P
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Get out now, save yourself the stress
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I don't think that's normal
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No that's definately not normal. You guys either need to break up or fix things.
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What are you fighting about?

If its the same thing every night you need to just fix whatever that issue is and move on!

If its different stuff maybe you all need to work on communication or end it!
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me and my fiance argued every night about the same stupid shit all the time. we are no longer together. break it off. you will be better off in the long run
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Breakup. You'll find someone better even if you think you won't.
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Not normal :) if neither of you or who ever it is won't change to stop the fighting then move on. It's hard but you deserve better and it's out there.
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More info would be helpful. What's with all the fighting
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Yes it is totaally normal me and my boyfriend all the time.. It builds up ur realtion ship . Maybe u should talk to him to not fight as much but if u really like him then u probally fight over jelousy totally normal
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what about?
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This will entirely depend on several things

1) Why are you fighting - and is it over big or small issues
2) Who starts the fights
3) How do you both act during the fight - yelling, hitting, silence?
4) Do you ever resolve the issue, or is it about the same thing every night?
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A minority of such relationships are actually like that; it's their foreplay: banter.

But you sound tired and it's not fun for you at all. Not good. Not normal. Not bueno.
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I fight with mine sometimes but not always. He just annoys me but I sooo love it when he yells. It's sexy.
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