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Is it normal to find out a friend bullied you but long after it hapnd?
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I was with a group of friends that iv known since i was 8 and they mentioned a guy that used to be part of the group and all them said they hated him but i thought he was a friend, till they mentioned that he always tripped me and i geuss i was thinking all in fun but apperently he was an ass is this just me?
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LOL wrong category bud.
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He was probably drunk.
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I found out years later that my best friend of 18 years lied to me when she would tell me that someone didn't like me, or there was a vicious rumor going around about me or that people think I'm weird etc. I believed this for years until people told me they were all lies and that she was jealous of me because of how I looked, so she was trying to knock my confidence down, which she did. We are no longer friends since she had problems with lying about other things all time too and I couldn't trust her. It's sad that people do this to others.
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