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Is it normal to flush the toilet once a day?
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Hey folks. I have a strict policy that my toilet is only to be flushed once a day. I like saving water, but this girl I am dating said it is gross.. I yelled at her for flushing the other day. I'd be willing to breakup with her if she keeps complaining. Is this normal?
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break off the handle and make her use a bucket and dish rag instead
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There are better ways to save water without having that one of a kind piss stank reeking up the place.

For one, you can fill a bottle with water and put it inside that tank thing of your toilet. So every time it will require that amount of water less to fill up and will waste less water that way.
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You sound like a disgusting person, and honestly she probably ought to dump you. If she overlooks this it means she's probably quite lonely and desperate which makes me feel dad for her, but you... you're just a gross person.
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One of my ex-gfs had a thing where if you went to the toilet during the night you didn't flush so it wouldn't make up her bitch mother. After a few weekends out and my massive turds laying in the bowl. The rule quickly changed.
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I like saving water too. But getting laid is a higher priority. As long as she fucks, forget about the water bill.
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She probably doesn't enjoy watching the Baby Ruth's swimming in the pool

Can you truthfully blame her ?
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It's perfectly fine to avoid flushing for a bit in order to save water, but it seems as though you've taken it to an extreme.
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My pussy got wet reading this. Is that normal?
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