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Is it normal to get a huge lump on your arm after getting a flu shot?
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Two days ago I went to the doctor and he said he highly recommended that I get a flu shot. I heard that flu shots weren't good for you, but since HE was an actual doctor I figured he might know best. I received the shot and now I have a huge red lump on my arm. It hurts and I don't know what to do! :(

Should I go to the doctor again or wait it out? Is this even normal? I tried to google some information but I didn't find anything good.
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Flu shots bad? never heard about that. I had one against swine flu my arm hurted like [ Insert swearing here ] in 7 days it felt like my arm was bleeding when putting on clothes but no big red lump...
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Some have slight reaction, if it gets worse seek a doctor, Benadryl and aspirin help
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@: ygrowup
Thanks, I will definitely try that!
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Your skin was pierced and your body is naturally reacting to it. Watch what happens the next time you get a small scratch, the skin plumps up around it.
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I agree, but I have had several shots in the past. I never seen a lump like this. I guess I didn't describe it detailed enough, but it's the size of a pear.
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It means your body is reacting to the virus bits injected. Although it seems a bit strong, it is normal. My arm hurt like hell when I got mine for about a week and it wasn't just where it was injected, it was pain shooting through the arm to where I could barely lift anything with that arm. I agree with whoever said take could have had an allergic reaction to the preservative used in the vaccine as well. Either, you're going to be fine!
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Totally normal to get a hot lump on the arm after a flu vaccine.
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I don't think so? Easy enough to check, and you don't even need a doctor (although definitely see one if it gets worst!) just pop into your nearest pharmacy and ask the pharmacist - all the Walgreens and CVSs near me are still giving the shot.
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the reason some people disagree with vaccines because of what they are, i.e., a virus. some are uncomfortable with the idea of being infected with a weak or dead virus to tell your body how to kill it . people are scared; because in rare cases people have actually died from vaccines or their effects. That is why people Freak out when the goverment mentions making vaccines mandatory, even though a few,people will die, mandatory vaccines are they only way to completely eradicate a virus
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