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Is it normal to get an erection by your mom
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Well today my mom was naked and I got an erection, am I normal?
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Comments (8)
Well..since we've all seen your mom naked...I guess I'd have to say...
yes...yes it is normal.
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I know..that was way too predictable. I'm sorry.
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^ boom.
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I seen my mum naked a few times in my early life never got an erection. I suppose it depends on your age and how many naked ladies your seen. I would forgive you if you a raging hormonal teen it will go up if the wind blew the right direction. But if you in your twenties shame on you
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You know how teachers tell you there is no stupid question, well that was a lie and that was a svery stupid question. Also it's called self control, you should learn it.
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fuck yes! You are normal as the sun!
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Yes, I have gotten an erection when I have seen my mom nude before.
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