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Is it normal to get dizzy from coughing?
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I have a horrible coughing problem that I get ever 2 weeks or so. It it is dry and causes me to exert a horn like sound..well when I do this the only way I know how to describe the feeling is to say I have no air in me. After I cough like this I get really dizzy and can barely stand. Is this normal? Can you tell me what might be wrong with me?

PS- I dont, and have never, smoked in my life.
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The hard coughing makes you stop breathing lack of oxygen to the brain causes the dizzyness.
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dry coughing is not good and definitely not normal, it can really be bad if it lasts for weeks... it can also be sign of TB among other things,so its best go and see a doctor about it.
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I sometimes laugh so hard i get dizzy
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