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Is it normal to get hurt in your dream and feel it in real life
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I used to have this dream where it felt so real. In the dream I would just be walking in this park and just randomly some guy in all black is just standing there watching me then all of a sudden he runs so fast at me so I have no time to react and he throws me at this tree and then I wake up right after. But when I wake up I have this really sharp pain in my back. I'm 100% sure I wasn't sleeping in the wrong position because I just stay the same way all night when I'm asleep. I have had this dreAm at least 5 or 6 times and a few other dreams like that just in a different place.

Is this normal?
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I think it's the other way around, I think you probably got a cramp or a pain and your mind created the dream around that. It happens to me all the time, more often with sounds. If my alarm goes off, once in a while I end up creating a little dream around the sound of the alarm. Sometimes it's the TV or music, or being chilly or hot....happens all the time.
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Yes because your brain controls what you dream and what you feel. You can dream about someone grabbing you and have a handprint bruise from it.
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@: buckman can't. You can possibly feel pain, since pain is purely the brain's interpretation of nerve stimuli, but you're not going to have a bruise. A bruise is broken blood vessels. Your mind isn't going to make that happen.
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It`s common. It`s a psychosomatic response to mental stimuli. The brain is able to create pain even when there is no trauma. A common example is `sympathy pains` like when a guy feels pain in his balls after seeing someone get kicked in the nuts.
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The dream may have been so intense that your brain produced a sensation as if you were actually hurt, but if you felt the pain for longer than a few seconds after waking up, then it was probably already there and you incorporated it into your dream.
Once i dreamt i was being bit by snakes, and actually felt it, even right after i woke up. It's very possible to create imaginary pains or discomfort if you can somehow trick your mind that you're being hurt, so i dont see how that cant happen in a dream.
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I find it normal, when i was 9 i had a dream of being chased, and then punched in the back. woke up in pain and a day later there was a large bruise on my back. Parents took me to the doctor, they said it was just a bruise.
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The dream doesn't give you pain...the pain gives you the dream. I have a medical condition that causes dislocations and I will awake from a dream where I am being run over or crushed etc to find that something is out of place. The same thing can happen if you hear a sound while can be incorporated into your dream.
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I had a dream were i was walking down a road and some guy grabbed me and pinned me up aginst the wall and cut my arm then i woke up and i found that i had a cut on my arm were he cut me. I know it wasn't there before i went to bed. explain that one? i'd like to know if there is a reason this happened or if i just sleep walked and did it...
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Ages Ago I Had A Dream Where I Was On A Field Trip With School And I Was Trying To Climb A Hill Where They Were Going It Was Kind Of Steep But It Was Rocky And Sand So It Was Slippery So I Was Trying To Get Up Like Gripping Plants To Hold On To Then One Time My Friend Who Was Not Trying Started To Hang Onto My Leg I Shouted At Him to get off but he just pulled me down i scraped my leg and woke up annoyed at my friend i calmed my self down by saying he didnt really do it but it still hurt where i scraped it i dont think i saw a scrape but it might of and it wasnt already there i think it was because i got hurt in my sleep and it came into my dream
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