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Is it normal to get nervous before googling your name?
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I get nervous when googling my name. The internet has a funny way of getting your information and making it public. I get easily embarrassed at the fact that exs or exs new women or frienemies or the like can read things about me or possible new things the internet finds on me or look at photos that were uploaded from my phone to the web without permission. Is that normal?
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If you use social media a lot, then yeah it's something to be nervous about, especially with Facebook, because that's the first thing that will pop up.

My advice? Just accept it, and start being careful about what you upload. Once it's on the internet, it cannot get taken down because many may have seen it and may have made copies. Plus, it's no big deal, because if people are looking you up, it means they're interested in you to waste time doing it. If exes want to make fun of a silly picture you took 3 years ago or something, then just feel flattered they still think of you enough to research (it doesn't mean they love you).
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I just googled my name and it didn't make me nervous, but the same thing came up that always does, playwright Tennessee Williams' sister and muse, Rose Isabel. She was lobotomized.
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Yes, In case I became famous without knowing it.
Or in case someone stole my identity to catfish someone.
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