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Is it normal to get turned off after reaching orgasm?
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After reaching orgasm, I get turned off and shut down the porn vids.
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Kinda like eating too much cheesecake. It will look good tomorrow, but I've had my feel today
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Sometimes I do
am a lady and cannot stop watching pregnancy hardcore porn and having a good masturbate to it all.
Its gotten to the point where I had to buy (and now wear) a 9 months practise pregnant belly suite to do the job it fells so much better than stuffing myself and the best thing I brought. I love wearing it while watching pregnancy hardcore porn or stuff re pregnancy on TV or YouTube then masturbate rubbing a bath towel in-between my fanny and crossing my legs, when no one is around. Has anyone else brought one of these practise pregnant belly suite? I am thinking of wearing my suite one day around my village to see if any looks at me and to see how much turned on I get.

I too cannot see women, friends, family members or teachers pregnant in real life without being wet below and sexily aroused.I believe I would have to see something about pregnancy to get me in the mood before sex God I am so turned on now I need to go masturbate good and hard, as I am very wet too. View my story to read more!
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That's so normal. I mean if you watch porn to get off then once you've gotten off, you've achieved your purpose.

It's not abnormal in my eyes.
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Completely and utterly normal. It's had it's purpose, can't be watching porn 24/7 now can you? lol
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