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Is it normal to give to the point of giving too much.....
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And it still feels like you haven't given enough?

is it normal to give to the point where you are compromising your own wishes and beliefs and going beyond what you are capable of giving?

and is it normal to feel like, even when you give to this point of over doing it, you still feel as if you should be capable of giving more.
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Sorry you feel like this, it's normal. You can only give so much of yourself when everything in life asks something from you.

Give yourself to the things that matter. Whatever it may be you'll always be enough, I promise you to the ones that love you, you'll always be more than enough, c
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I know what that's like. The world will always take all you've got, so only give what you can and nothing more.
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Sometimes one must be a little bit selfish, you know.
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It's normal behavior for a codependent person. Get some help before you let other people suck you dry.
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No, and most people who keep receiving do not show respect to people who continually give. When someone gets spoiled they no longer appreciate and it actually damages them more because they begin to expect favors and gifts and become depressed when they don't get what they want. Excessive giving creates selfish people and the excessive giver is seen as someone to be used.
I don't know which is worse.
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You are toooooo good for this fucked up world.
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