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Is it normal to go partially numb after standing for a long time?
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I've just started working in a shop, and I don't get to sit down at all apart from in my break (if I work 6 hours, I get one 15 minute break). The standing really hurts my knees, which I wonder if that's normal in itself? As everyone else at work complains about their feet, and mine don't bother me, it's just my knees - but anyway, after my first full day working, where I was standing up for pretty much 8 hours solidly, I noticed the next day that the front of my thigh had gone numb. By this I mean the skin was numb, as if it had gone to sleep, but I can still feel the muscle underneath if I press on it. It was still numb the next day, and I worked again today and I have noticed that the numb portion has gotten larger. Is this normal, or should I be concerned?
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This is normal. Your legs are just going to take a while to adjust. When I first started doing shop work it took over a month for me to get used to all the standing. I recommend some comfortable shoes ( I always wear skate shoes, black leather ones though so I still look smart) and buy some "deep heat" muscle cream to rub into your legs, you won't believe how much it helps. Oh, and nice hot baths always help muscle pain.
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I'd be concerned. Make sure you are not just standing still for that length of time. You must move around to keep the blood flowing. If it continues then see your doctor. I only say this coz I had a blood clot which went undiagnosed for 5 months and the pain was like sticking my leg in a bonfire and keeping it there. I even asked the hospital to amputate the leg, but they didn't.
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I work in a shop also. And standing on the kiosk for just 4 hours hurts my back, hips, knees, anckles and feet! Haha, Im like an old woman in a 20 year old body! As much as i moan about it at work I do make a joke of it, it bloody hurts though. The numb part is a bit worrying though. If i were you id go to the doctors and just ask if its normal.
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A possible reason for the numbness in your legs is from none, or very little blood circulating through the leg. When the legs are straightened it actually cuts off blood. So try bending your knees some while standing to help circulation. Make sure you move around a little to keep the blood moving.

Or it could just be that your body is not used to standing for long lengths of time. So you will eventually get used to it.
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