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Is it normal to go poop right after eating?
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I usually get the urge to go poop within 10 minutes of finishing my meal. Is it normal? Does anyone know the health significance of it?
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Yeah, if you're a cat.
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@: Fartyr
I gotta take a dump now
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I get that, too.
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I have this as well, people tell me to "lay off the sugar" but I don't want to, and I wont.
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No you're just lucky. You're plumbing is in great shape.
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It is normal, Don't worry.
I have the same thing after like 10 mins after i eat i need to go straight to the bathroom.
It happens to some people, and to others it's different.
Hope that helped!
-Cami :]
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it just means you're body is digesting your food really fast. most ppl aren't as lucky as you and get constipated and don't poo for days. i'd be happy in your situation lol
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Lol my dad is like this every time we go out to eat he has to go poop..Like as soon as we got out of a restraunt he'd run straight to the bathroom.. or a family dinner like 10 min later he'd have 2 take a poop.. so it's normal i guess.
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Or a rabbit.
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i have the same problem,althou i thought it was because i used to make myself sick...and now i've stopped,this started happening.i guess its not because of that then,as quite alot of other people have the same problem..<3
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Sometimes I ay littles unicorn shes beautiful
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