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Is it normal to go to Disney World just for the furries? (characters)
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I am brand new to this site and did not want to ask yahoo answers because that will just turn into tears. But yeah I guess I can say I am a furry (Google it) and have been rejected in that community and took my furriness to Disney World and they welcomed with opened arms and even went as far as to buy an annual pass so I could see them anytime I want to. They don't mind if I hug them and accidentally dirty thier costume. I flirt with Mickey and Minnie all the time when I'm there sometimes but anyway just want to know what you think.
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Furry fetish is normal. Its just a more extreme fetish but I dont think its any worse than foot fetish. I mean, what the hells so appealing about a sweaty dirty foot?!? YUCK
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do NOT sign me the FUCK up
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So how have mickey and minnie responded to flirting with them both? I advise you to get the mickey/minnie furry threesome encounter on camera because that sounds like a gold mine of a video to put online
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Do not support disney. Fulfill your filthy furry fetish elsewhere.
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Buy yourself a nice Mink coat, drape it over a mannequin and have all the "Furry" fun you want at any time convenient to yourself!
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