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Is it normal to hate and get angry at everything but video games?
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I hate almost everything, the way people dress, the way they talk especially if they are loud, the school, my country, even life among many other things, because of this I get angry at almost everything, I've also had some thoughts of killing myself to end all the hate, anger and pain of being alive and i feel that the only thing that stopped me from killing myself are my video games, is this normal?

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You play MW2? :|
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its anger management which i cant do anyfucking thing about it 2.i hate loud things it is simple and normal its not about "get a life thing" and people who say this are scum so dont worry forget those morons who dont have fuckin life but always talks like pro and do what u r best be da best of it. n if u hav psn or xbox online tell me ur id we can contact by using them 2.
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yeah so my ex was like just got worse and worse, they almost hospitalized him to force him into therapy. he is miserable and angry all the time unless he takes some meds and talks to a doc on a regular basis. you def need to see someone and try to make this easier for you to deal with and get into some controlled social settings. you don't want to end up like me. his life totally fell apart, he couldn't even keep a job and nobody likes him. that's no way to live, it can get better if you find the right doc. good luck..
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Play World of Warcraft, if you don't kill yourself that game will fuck you up, it'll def get your mind off ANYTHING else, trust me....that games ruined so many peoples lives, kids skip school to play it, people stay home from work to play it LOL
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I am just like this but I don't hate everything... I just play MW2 all the time. Average like 3-4 hours a day. Yes I have friends and whatnot. So I would say normal that you play video games and not normal that you have thoughts about killing yourself, overall NOT NORMAL.
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Xbox :)
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You sound unhappy :(... I'll tell you what I think and I hope it helps. Videogames are fine as long as they don't become an addiction and it seems you are a little bit addicted. You have to ask yourself a question. Does your hating everything made you enjoy only videogames or does enjoying videogames has made you find everything else pointless?... In both cases you are either depressed because you don't like your life, or addicted which can also be really bad (I don't want to scare you but I know someone who got anorexic because of his videogame addiction). Step 1:Take all your videogames AWAY from you. If you don't want to throw them away, tell a friend or a family member to hide them so you can't find them, or sell them!!! 2: Try to change your life. But REALLY try! Start over! Find a hobby that will help you release your anger,for example martial arts or other sports. Try to change your relationship with your family(=people that truly love and care about you). Try to meet new friends, and maybe (why not) someone special. I would also advise you to talk to a psychologist and tell exactly what you feel about everyone and everything!!! Good luck!
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Sorry, you have become a horrible statistic. You are one of many youths (but it's still not normal) who have become socially retarded due to an unhealthy amount of time spent only interacting with video & computer games.
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youre parents are fine with this?
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Go outside. Get laid. Watch sports. Get some friends.
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