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Is it normal to hate being around people?
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I am a very needy person, and feel insecure if I'm not following someone around, yet when I'm in a group or even with one person, I find it incredibly difficult to care or concentrate on what's going on.

I can't listen hard enough to carry on a conversation -it literally tires me out!!!- and I just altogether don't understand how to make eye-contact. I actually feel irritated that people would even bother being in my presence, yet when I'm alone, I'll walk along with the first person I see.

I'm even getting distant with my very best friend, and when I get to visit her, I'm feeling guilty for not being friendlier. I even apologize for it.
Either way I feel amazingly awkward and hostile. Why??
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I think you are just very introverted, like me. There are many people who are like this, not eveyone feels comfortable socially. I am a little different though, because it's my self esteem that makes me not want to go out. And I don't even get why it's so low, I'm not a complete weirdo, I don't even have bad habits. Don't feel bad, there are SO many people like you. They just haven't found Is It Normal yet.
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its a normal phenomena.not being able to focus on what the other person is saying is probably due to an overworked mind and historically a lack of need for social interaction

dealing with people can be a drain on our energies. its becoz wer'e basically introverted with little need for external stimuli so unnecceary conversation and small talk can be a pain.people just have to accept that introversion is not a bad quality.
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its called solitude.
It's recently happening now to people.

Some times when I speak to people, I don't like to look at their eyes, while their eyes is looking at mine.

I really don't know what to advice but find friends from Facebook or something. Get in communication with someone far away.

Also Iron Man movie is awesome:)
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I also don't like being around people. It does tire me out. I don't have any trouble keeping eye contact, but then I have trouble consentrating on what they are saying - so either I can look at them or listen but not really both. I really hate being in the middle of a crowd. It's not too bad if I am off to the side looking in on the crowd like I'm observing them - I just don't like being part of the crowd.
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I do that too.
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Maybe you should drink one glass of wine when going out to calm you a little.
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I'm kind of like you exept I avoid social situations because Im afraid to talk to someone because I have a real ugly lazy eye so I avoid talking to people bcus I'm afraid they'll get wierded out by my eyes so I hide from everyone and I panic and can't breath if I do have to make eye contact
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I avoid social situations when possible, but then there's the holidays or something and I'm stuck being the center of attention and I absolutely hate that. When I'm one on one with my boyfriend though, all I want is to be the center of attention. I think I just have anxiety in crowded places though. I can't step foot in a mall unless I'm feeling super chill. Restaurants, forget it. Even grocery stores can be an issue unless I go late at night. I think a lot of it comes from people I used to hangout with being so judgmental of perfect strangers in a public place, so naturally I feel like I have that "audience" constantly judging me when I'm out. I also have a hard time carrying on a convo with someone because I have all these thoughts racing in my head about everything that is going on around me, rather than what the person is saying. Even school was a nightmare, my grades were awful because I couldn't pay attention for my life, my mind was always on anything but the lesson. Xanax helps me as well as alcohol, but I don't like to resort to either of those to feel "normal". I'm going to try out Yoga, hopefully that helps clear my mind out.
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