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Is it normal to hate being with anyone but yet suffer from it?
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I'm a 21 year old guy I've been single my whole life and I want to be with a girl so bad but I just don't care for anyone. I live alone and all I focus on is myself my goals and my study I never put any effort to get a girl and when I do I just get board quickly from the whole flirting and shit and feel like I'm acting all the way.
This thing has consumed me and left me with suicidal feelings many times cuz I'm so lonely but yet again don't like anyone and I hate rejection too much too
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Honest question, do you care for anyone at all besides yourself? Maybe a friend or family member. If you do, then you have potential to care about a future girlfriend and make it work. If not, then there may be some underlying problems you need to come to terms with.
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There is someone for everyone. Be patient and don't be hard on yourself. Ur hella young. Choose wisely.
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