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Is it normal to HATE people that overly love themselves?
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I absoloutly hate people that love themselves a lot. Like they think they are gods gift to the world. Walk around thinking look at me I'm so great. Trying so hard on there appearance. Is it normal to really despise people like that?
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Yes conceited is what I ment, that girl you described is definatly what I was thinking. I hate those type of people!
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Normal to the 1000th power
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I am gods gift to the world. It's not my fault you're jealous.


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I love myself 100%, but I'm not conceited. Maybe conceited is more of what you were describing. I don't care about what I look like, but people do apparently get jealous of me because one of my friends actually said to my face, "you're so infatuated with yourself its not right". Weird thing is, I'm not. But I do know someone who is vain and walks around with lots of makeup on like a clown with all the latest handbags and brags about her life and such. That is someone who is obsessed with themselves and I think its so wrong because if someone is like that, theyre obviously worthless.
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I hate people who are super insecure. I find self-absorbed people more tolerable lol.
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There is a woman on one of the radio stations I listen to that sounds like she loves herself and it drives me nuts. When they (the woman and guy who hosts the show with her) play the song Perfect from Fairground Attraction she always says it was written about her because she's perfect. I feel like shooting the b!tch when she acts that way.
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I hate insecure idiots who have no self confidence and want happy people to be miserable like them.
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I love me too!!! I hate loner loser that hate life and them selves! They depress me
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