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Is it normal to hate people who enjoy listening to Nightcore ?
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For me, nightcore is like an insult for the original artiste, and i can't even try to talk with people who enjoys it. It's like they disgust me or things like this.
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Wtf is nightcore?
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That's what I'm thinking.
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its a fancy flashlight i gots what lights up the critters in my yard after dark
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Nightcore: A music genre. It's actually just a song that's lazily remixed by speeding up the melody, making it sound high pitched, sometimes they add bass to it. It pretty much just butchers the original song and makes it unlistenable.

To answer your question, Op: While it is a crappy genre, disliking the people who like it is not really normal.
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I don't mind it. it's an interpretation. hate me all you want.
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