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Is it normal to hate people who whistle in public places?
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I just hate people who whistle some dumb melody in public places, like big department store, airport, etc. I think the only place where I can tolerate somebody whistling their stupid melody is when I go near somebody's garden. They have 100% right to whistle whatever they want in their private property. But if they whistle in public, why should I listen to this stupidity.
It is especially annoying when you go to department store, you hear the pop-song you hate and then somebody starts to whistle it as well. This drives me crazy. Especially when I am tired in the evening or on a hot afternoon. I just want to go and ask this person to shut the f**k up. On the other hand, I understand that this is nice that somebody seems to be happy but why should I suffer? And I am sure nobody ever told them this, they are so sure everybody just loves to listen to them... It drives me mad...
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It's very normal to be annoyed by whistling. People think they sound like they're whistling a nice tune, as they're thinking of the tune in their head. What they sound like to others is very different, and much more likely to be obnoxious.
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I agree, really annoying! But I'm sure I have my annoying habits and impulses, and others have to live with them, so I just leave them to their whistling.

Fyi, I can't whistle, so I don't even have the luxary of tormenting them back.
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I remember starting to whistle at work some day and a few people joining in. It made a sort of acoustics group, lol We didn't go on very long though.

Can't say that I do it too often and can't say that I've ever been bothered by somebody else whistling really.

People get annoyed at the weirdest things!
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I think you're being a bit too sensitive, just ignore it
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Have to say it annoys me coz I have tinnitus. Much worse are children sreaming at a high pitch for no bloody reason. Then I want to ask the parents WTF is wrong with your brat?!
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The head Jefe in my building at work does this all the time and it pisses me off!! I wanna stand outside of his office and whistle loudly to see how he likes it! (too bad I can't whistle)
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I love when people whistle.
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There's annoyance... and then there's hating something so much it drives you crazy and you suffer.

Lighten up it's just whistling.
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Maybe we should ban talking and breathing too loudly as well so precious here can get through the day.
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I'm a whistler. The music associated with Ben Kenobi's death in Star Wars is something I used to whistle in a train station waiting room near where I grew up. It had really high ceilings, echoed a lot, and the acoustics were just great. I'm whistling it as I type this. Hopefully it's not annoying you too much.
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My kids hate it when my husband whistles. When we are all in the car, he will whistle to the music. Drives my kids insane. So, the station gets changed to talk radio. Sometimes his whisteling bothers me, but, whisteling is a sign of a happy person.

Dappled, you must be a happy person!!
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@: tori
Fined! They can be happy in PRIVATE, at HOME, without TORTURING everyone within earshot!!
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This reminds me of this guy at my work who's always whistling! One day, we happened to be in the room at the same time, and I was having one of those days where I really didn't wanna be there, I wanted to be alone, and not be bothered. He was whistling THE WHOLE DAY, and a customer walks in, and was whistling too, but a different tune. Oh man, it was so annoying! And what was really weird was that it seemed like they slowly started whistling the same tune, but without realization that they were.

By the end of the day, I was sick of hearing it..., so I walked over to this girl who works with us, and asked her who was on for the day after, and she said him, and I was like, "Oh. Lovely." And before I could even say why I didn't really feel like being in his company the day after, she came right out and said, "Pretty annoying, huh?" and I was like, "what?" and she goes, "Him. He's a pain in the ass with that whistling!".

Its days like that when I don't wanna hear it. Other days, sure, go ahead and whistle while you work. I was just having one of those days that I really didn't wanna hear it.
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if someone can whistle well i love it if they aren't good and just do it to make noise it is annoying.
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When I was a kid, My Grandpa used to whistle alot, and back then, it was something that made me feel happy to hear, because it was my Grandpa. Then when I got older, I still enjoyed hearing someone whistle cuz I realized that it was mostly people from the older generations that were doing it...people who had been lucky enough to have grown up and lived in an era where life was much less complicated, and people were generally much more happy overall. So whistling was just an expression of that, and I envied their good fortune to have that happiness from years gone by when life was easier and better. But now, life is so f**king complicated and difficult, and so many people are struggling these days, and are not generally happy anymore...I fall into this catergory. So unfortunately now, when I hear someone whistling, instead of it making me feel some form of happiness like it had in the past, I sort of resent it for the fact that someone feels happy enough to whistle...pretty pathetic I know, but that's my problem, not theirs, so I say if they feel happy enough to whistle, then they ought to do it as much as the feel like, cuz life is too short, and happiness is fleeting. So you whistler's out there, go at it!!! :)
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Just wanted to clarify. It is not as if I really hate or can't tolerate people who whistle. I just feel it is wrong to whistle in public places. If my grandfather or my brother want to whistle in the garden or in the house or in our private car, it's fine. But when you hear some stupid pop-music in department store and the someone starts to whistle it as well, it is just gross. You start to think "How stupid that guy must be..." (women never do it apparently). And then you think "Well, maybe I am too angry?" But then, again, I am not angry at them, I wish them all well in their life but it annoys me on physical level, like scratching of nails against metal or something... And if some of the whistlers think twice next time after reading this blog - great! Remember - I AM NOT ALONE, we will unite some date and send you all into a separate island where you will have to whistle for a week until you will hate it so much, you will have to give it up for the rest of your life (at least in public places). LOL.
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Wear ear plugs when you go out! Problem solved!

If things annoy you that much, it means you're paying too much attention to it. Not enough is going on up there in your head in order to keep yourself preoccupied.

Chill out.
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I hate it too. It's like forcing people to listen to whatever song is in your head.
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