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Is it normal to hate swallowing cum?
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I hate the taste of cum! I can't swallow it. I can barely let it in my mouth. When I go down on my bf I struggle to let him cum in my mouth. IIN? Do guys like it when girls swallow?
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Guys like it, and there are ways to make it taste better... have him eat some cinnamon before going down.
You can always catch the cum in the back of your throat and swallow without tasting it too.
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Yeah guys like it alot
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When a girl gives you a head and then swallow your own cum, it makes you feel great because it's like accepting something of you.
It's like being more intimate but also very sexy and horny.
Yes drinking your bf's cum is the best you can do for him.
I used to have a gf years ago and she would always suck my d**ck but if I was going to cum she would move away or run to spit it, like if she was having some kinda of shit in her mouth.
That's something that really destroy the moment.
My actual gf loves to drink me. MOst of the time I cum inside her and then she clen all my cock in her mouth.
She loves it, and I love it :)
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Yeah, it's normal, he probably just has nasty cum. Have him eat a ton of chocolate, pineapple, anything sweet.
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When I first started dating my girl this was a problem. She loved oral sex but receiving not giving. So I told her she didn't have to swallow but still had to finish the job. I don't lick pussy then stop because I don't like the taste before the best part. So she would snowball me and I would swallow it. long story short she loves it. Now sometimes she snowballs me most times she wants it all. If a guy won't taste his own cum then why should you. If he tells you to spit same thing snowball him and tell him to spit it out. I also believe that when you really love someone you do things to please them:) I have also been told that guys do taste different. Maybe I am a lucky one as I have never been with a girl who did not enjoy oral. Hope any of this helps:)
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Ya ur normal
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Lots of girls might agree with you, some won't. I've had relationships in the past where the girl loved sucking my cock so much she swallowed every time. But my girl loves receiving oral best, has done for the years we've been together. For example, she's not so keen on 69 position, she prefers 68 position - basically she still sits on my face towards my feet but she doesn't use her mouth on me, just a bit of teasing with her hands while I eat her pussy and ass.

If you really want to try it, let it go to the back of your throat or have him eat half a ton of pineapples, like some girls have suggested. Or just admit you prefer receiving and see if he's okay with that. I've accepted it as we still have sex regularly, just that I go down on her all the time.
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its normal ....I love to feel a guy cum in my mouth but I always spit......He wont care cause he already
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Guys love it. We think it's nasty and we love NASTY. Period......

If u R willing to suck and swallow and are not fat or way over weight u r a keeper.
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It is a wonderful feeling when my cock is rock hard and big and swollen, and I am fucking my wife's mouth nice and deep.
And when I cum I stick it all the way down her throat and shoot burst after burst of my cum down her throat. She loves it and moans with every spurt of warm cum from my hard cock
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Iv never swallowed and I never will. My guy is lucky to be getting a bj and even luckier if I let him cum in my mouth. He asked once and I said NO.
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Wait, wait, wait, you're saying your boyfriend is LUCKY to get a blowjob from you? Jesus Christ, since when did oral sex turn into a lottery? It's supposed to be something fun and hot, not just the luck of the draw. Poor guy.
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