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Is it normal to have a birth mark shaped like a heart?
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K so i have a birth mark right above my left hip. It has a heart shape to it. I just want to know if i'm the only one. I think it's cool. But if its really normal then maybe it isn't that cool
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Comments (9)
When I was born, the doctor told my parents that my heart was shaped like a birthmark.

Also, one of my kidneys is shaped like the defiance one feels when one can't order from the breakfast menu because it's one minute into the lunch menu now. My kidney often asks to speak to the manager.
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As long as it isn't 666, you're cool.
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My gf has one on her arm :)
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I have on my thigh and one on my ankle. Sadly, they aren't heart shaped.
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Harry Potter, the return of the king, 2!
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I have one shaped like a heart on my left thigh. :) I have another birthmark on the right side of my torso.
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I have one shaped like a massive black cock on my face - ps: I am a real psychic ninja
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OMG! I have a heart shaped birthmark too. They are lovely. Mine is on my hand. <3
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Cool. I know a guy who has a dark birth mark on his eye lid. It looks like he's always wearing eye liner on one eye while his eyes are open.
But I don't have any cool birthmarks myself :(
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