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Is it normal to have a birthmark in my eye?
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In my right eye, I have a streak of brown in the colored part of my eye. My eyes are green otherwise. It's been there all my life. Is it normal to have a birthmark in my eye? Do many people have this?
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My bf has one brown eye and one eye that's half blue half brown
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my left eye is the rare red color and my right is aqua blue :3
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Yes, a friend of mine has one in his eyes.
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I have the same thing lots of people have it...I actually think it's pretty cool but it's a birth defect soo
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I used to have like this white dermoid thing in my left eye for my whole life until i was 13 and had surgery to remove it.
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I think it is fairly common. I have one on the back of my eyeball... My dr says it's normal and not anything particularly worrisome.
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Yes but it isn't a birth mark. My sister has blue eyes (from our mom) and has a brown blob in one of her eyes from my dad. It's either Ur other parents eye color in u or on of ur parents genotype was green dominant brown recessive meaning u could have brown eyes even if neither of ur parents do.
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yes look at kate bosworth she has blue and brown. i have a tiny black spec on the side of my eye and then my friend has blue eyes with brown specs on just one. its completely normal and very cool!
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thats pretty cool
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If your eye doctor says that it's nothing to worry about then its most likely find. You should only worry if it begins to worsen and affect your sight.
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Be thankful you have two eyes that work
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I don't know if this is the same thing, but I have a spot of yellow over top of both my pupils, within the iris. Otherwise, my eyes are green.
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