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Is it normal to have a bottle of wine for company on your birthday?
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It's my 29th birthday and the only thing I'm going to have for company is a bottle of wine that my firm gifted me.
It's my own fault, of course. I was the one who pushed people away all the time. Work ruled my life. I never had time for anyone so now nobody has time for me. They'd rather spend the evening talking to their plants than pay me a visit.

So at 29, I'm left with a healthy bank balance, an all time high pulse rate , a pale chalky white complexion, a high risk of heart disease, a dingy little apartment and a friends list that has zilch friends and 300 business contacts.

Simply marvellous, isn't it? Happy Birthday to me.
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Prostitutes. Just sayin...
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Birthday wishes from me. I won't say "happy" but I wish you good hope for the future, I hope you find some good friends soon. :)
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Umm happier birthday?
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Happy bday from a stranger
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Well dude think about this... When you die (cuz it will happen one day) Would you rather have your bank account attend the funeral or people?

You can't buy your way into heaven, no matter how much money you have. Think on that.

Hope your next birthday is better than this one. And "Happy Birthday"
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That's so shitty you should at least have took yourself to dinner
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I don't celebrate birthdays of my own and tend to be out of town when I have them on purpose. it aint a bad thing to keep everyone at arms length
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