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Is it normal to have a bunch of friends you don't really like?
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Ok so let me start off I have 4 really tight friends who I actually do like a whole lot. Who hang out all the time and do everything together, during and after school. But all my other friends (who are girls anyway, none of this includes guys. And yes I am a girl) seem to annoy me. Like a lot. They either cling to me and try to bud into my conversation or are total dorks who think their friends with me or whatever. Some are too wild or insane or boycrazy or slutty... Just not the kind of people I want to hang out with. And I try to politely tell them to get the f*** away from me but none of them seem to take the hint. I'm really never am MEAN to them but I'm thinking I should start if I want them off my back. What should I do and is this normal?
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Keep Urself away from them till they get it.
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samething happens to me and im a dude :\ so ya it's normal
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well I have those too. I think they will never get your point until you tell them yourself but that could imply that you are mean just try to nicely say that you can't hangout anymore.
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