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Is it normal to have a crush on a girl if your a girl
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Its not really a crush but i blush sometime when i see her.Is it normal? Because i never felt this way about a person of the same gender before.
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Yes. Everyone has different feelings. You may be gay or bi. Or maybe u just really respect her or think she's just a great person and it gets u nervous. I wouldn't be worried.
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you could be gay
and maybe not
does it matter? :)
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you probably not bi but maybe you just get nervous around her because you want to become her friend:)
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Its fine girly. Don't be ashamed about it. Ladies are lovely :)
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I've read that everybody is bi to some degree. So yeah, I'd say it's normal :)
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Very normal, maybe you think that girl is very nice , pretty, and smart. And sometimes when your around her you get nervous/anxious. Thats how I used to feel when I was in 7th grade I think. Haha. No worries.
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very true
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Totally normal to have a "crush" on someone of the same sex. You may just be curious and not be gay. I wouldn't worry about it too much. A person has experiences like this and often times nothing ever comes of it. A crush is just that... a crush.
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Do want you want, but be careful not everyone has the same feelings. Maybe talk with her and test the waters.
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@: Rhuarc
Do what you want ?
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Did her head ever fall off while she was eating dinner?.. Did Patrick Duffy's head then grow out instead..

- Yes it's fairly normal, how is he doing?
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it's normal just relax
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