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Is it normal to have a crush on a guy then one on his friends?
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Ok, so I liked this one guy and we talked a lot. I never got his number but we would talk in class. I got a crush on him then eventually after convincing myself he wouldn't like me like that I somehow gained a crush on his best friend.
This continued for a while and every half a year it would seem i would gain a crush on a new guy, all of them being friends. Then recently I found out that they're all cousins. O.O Is it something about there genes I like?

They're all really hot; not the popular type but the tough...hunter-shooting guns type. The kind that's smart and is friends with people, has a good sense of humor and is kind of sarcastic and woodsy.

I just dont know what it is...or why i seem to only have crushes on them. I just can't handle it really...liking someone and not knowing. What do i do? and why is it like this?
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Fuck them both
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Thats the spirit!
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We've all been there.
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Its because they're all easily accessible. It has nothing to do with their genes.
Stop being TOO easy, you'll get a name on you.
You don't have to be with any one guy, but maybe tone it down a little with them until you at last like just one (thinking likely at least 6 months away for you)
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I think thats good that you like them both but you should hang out with both of them at diffrent times so you can see which one you like better.
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I think it's prob appropriate to like one guy.
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@: Coolieo
I agree
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