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Is it normal to have a crush on an anime character?
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I am 19 and never had a real boyfriend. And I have a massive crush on Vocaloid Len >.< It's gotten to the point that I really wish he was real, or that I lived in his world. He's so cute and perfect, and his singing gives me the chills (and yes, I know he is just a hologram) but to me, he's like a real person. I watch his songs and videos daily and fantasize that I could be with him ... But, is it normal to have such a huge crush on an anime character? (okay, he is also not anime, he is a vocaloid) Or is it childish? What do you guys think? :/ I just wish he was real .
And no, I don't write fanfiction before anyone asks xD
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Anime was a mistake.
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I find that odd and I can't relate. I don't think I've ever found myself attracted to a cartoon.
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I can relate, Itachi from Naruto
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