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Is it normal to have a fear of inanimate objects looking at you?
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Ok, so for the past two years I've had the fear of inanimate objects looking at me. Like, for example, I have a Link figure from The Legend of Zelda, and I have to keep his head turned around. I also have an Attack on Titan lamp that has the Colossus Titan's head at the bottom, and I cover his eyes with spray-on deodorant and lotion bottles. Is this normal? I'm incredibly curious about my fear. And no, I do not have a fear of dolls. I have dolls of Eren and Armin from Attack on Titan on my bed and I don't fear them.
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I dont blame you, Link is one creepy son of a bitch. burn him alive for your own good
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Haha, to me, anything that stares at you in your sleep is creepy. I could never burn him, as he was a Christmas present. It'd be rude to do so. But I'll consider it, haha!
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then encase him in epoxy, he shall never escape!
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