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Is it normal to have a legitimate fear of being overweight?
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I definitely don't have the same figure I did last year around this time, but I don't think I'd EVER let myself be noticeably overweight. Is this normal?
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If i'm ever morbidly obese i would love to roll down a hill, taking out people as i go.
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I also feel the EXACT same way!!!!! I would sooner shoot myself than become morbidly obeese!!!
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I am the EXACT same way. I think it's normal?
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Me too, fat is the ugliest shit.

If I start putting it on I WILL NOT EAT.
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you people are so disgusting and shallow being fat is normal. it is so stupid to think that you will look like movie stars until you die.
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I can totally understand this. One idea to help prevent this is weight training. Muscle burns fat. It's like a car that is a gas guzzler vs. a car that gets 50 mpg. You want to be the gas guzzler, and by increasing muscle mass you can do that.
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