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Is it normal to have a long distance relationship?
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My boyfriend and I have been together for 3 years now , and my family has now moved out of Ohio and down to Kentucky. Because we have tons of family down here. And sine I'm still 18 and living at home I had to move with them.
Me and my boyfriend Skype , text and call each all the time. This past month has been the worst , we've gone from seeing each other everyday to only seeing each once every couple months. I just fear that because we're still so "young" that , the force from our parents and friends are gonna get to one of us eventually.
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Of course it is.
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Yep. U should just say goodbye (I know, devastating...) and go and meet some locals and find a new hubby. Sorry =(
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ya its normal but u can make it work i know how it feels belive me but u can make it work if u truly love eachother once love is there is never dies it never leaves it prevales
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Of course it is! :)

I know things are hard when u live far away from each other, i have the same problem.
My girlfriend lives in Malaysia and I live in the Netherlands :'(

I do know it would be a lot easier to get over a person and just find someone who lives closer to you.. But what a lot of people don't get is.... YOU LOVE THEM. And you can try and get over them, but if you're in love its not as easy as people might think!

Don't let people's opinion change your mind. Do what YOU think is good for you... Follow your heart! Wish you all the best :) -x-
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You know how they say long distance relationships don't work?

Well it's because they don't.
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