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Is it normal to have a man crush?
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I am straight and i love girls. But i think the singer Anthony green is so hot, and stuff i think i have a man crush on him. is this normal?
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Comments (7)
I'm a man who's attracted to girls, but i too have a few man crushes. Kurt Cobain + Dave Grohl <3 haha
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Yeah, I'm gay, but I have had some serious girl crushes that I would never pursue.
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I'm a girl and I think it's just totally fine to have a man crush
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im a guy and im straight but i do find some guys are handsome or good looking but im not attracted to them like girls, girls turn me on but i dont get turn on by men
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I am a girl, but never had a girl crush...
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He is a beautiful man. We can share him, dude.
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IDk if thats normal but mayB u dont love girls as much as u think u do
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