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Is it normal to have a vomiting sensation after smoking a cig?
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As the title says,i have a vomiting sensation after smoking. I smoke around 5-10 cigs a day and ive been smoking for 3 years now.its just wierd to me. Ive never actually vomit and the sensation passes after an hour or so.its just annoying especially after a meal.
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Just quit smoking, it's bad for you anyway.
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Yeah dude, your body is screaming at you to stop smoking cancer sticks and you keep smokin.
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Sounds like it's time for you to seriously think about stopping smoking. I do know how hard that is: I was addicted for decades, stopped several times but started again, gave it up finally TOO LATE and was diagnosed with emphysema a year later, which is incurable. So I'm one of the 50% of smokers who will die of a smoking related disease and a particularly nasty one too, although fortunately not as fast a killer as lung cancer.

Don't believe the Quit bullshit that your body will recover from smoking once you stop: that's a blatant lie in the case of many ex-smokers' lungs.
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Leave Cigars alone they are not for everyone, stick to cigarettes and the odd spliff!
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Yes, cigarettes can leave a nasty smell and taste after having one. Not only that, it can kill if you don't stop smoking. My father is now facing terrible asthma and still smokes. One day, he's going to get emphysema and regret it.
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I think a doctor would recommend that you smoke more tobacco.
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