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Is it normal to have an obsession with your weight?
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I'm a young girl and am completely obsessed with counting calories and what my weight is, surely this isn't normal but i have brought it up a few times before and the end result is usually mixed opinions, therefore i gathered id give it a shot on here.
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The above, clearly asshole response notwithstanding...Being concerned about your weight is normal, but don't obsess about it. Business group friend is a beautiful, sexy, thin blonde (and a bit of an airhead at times, but that only adds to her hotness), and goes crazy if her weight goes above 105..She's in great shape and is petite to begin with, but, if feels "fat", will lift her shirt up and tell me.."I'm so fat..Look at this". And she means it. Really thinks anything above 105 is fat (for herself).

Have seen her in shorts, crop-tops, and bikinis, and, she has nothing to complain about her weight. Really has a great body, even when says she's fat. I can wrap my hands around her waist, and touch my fingers.

Keep it under control and realize your weight may fluctuate from time to time..
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