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Is it normal to have an obsession with your weight?
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I'm a young girl and am completely obsessed with counting calories and what my weight is, surely this isn't normal but i have brought it up a few times before and the end result is usually mixed opinions, therefore i gathered id give it a shot on here.
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Depends how "obsessed". It is normal to count calories and check your weight if you are trying to get/stay healthy but it shouldn't consume so much of your time and effort that you can't enjoy other hobbies
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It's not good or healthy. Unfortunately it is fairly normal, with the media constantly obsessing about looks,and telling people a certain look is what people find attractive (and believe me it's not!).
Try and avoid magazines, television etc. and concentrate on doing other things. That will be much better for your mental and physical health.
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not normal, get some help before it turns into something hard to get rid of. i ended up in an eating disorder treatment center... no fun. help yourself! you're beautifully imperfect
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Nothing wrong with a perfect BMI of 22.
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Its not normal and is a waste of time. Try to be healthy rather than just look good.
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Normal as in common - at least to me it was. Not necessarily healthy if it gets to the point of being anorexic.
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