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Is it normal to have extremely violent sexual fantasies?
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I absolutely HATE violence, I could never hurt a fly, and actually I like being submissive to girls in general. However, I keep having an extremely disturbing violent sexual fantasy involving raping and murdering a ten-year-old relative of mine (by marriage, not by blood). In the fantasy, I tear her clothes off, throw her on a bed, and cover her mouth as I rape her from behind (vaginally). Then I take her stockings (I have a foot fetish) and lightly strangle her with them as I rape her in the missionary position. Just as I orgasm, I break her neck by pushing down on it as hard as I can with my arm. As she chokes to death, I hit her repeatedly in the head as I hard as I can and yell at her (things like "slut", "shut the fuck up", "you stupid fucking cunt").

My sexuality is really, really fucked up. In my early childhood years, I was obsessed with "playing doctor" with anyone I could (boys and girls). I was molested when I was eight by a friend of the same age, but I didn't really see it as molestation until recently. I've had a really bad foot fetish since the age of 13, and I've been into BDSM since age 14. I repressed my bisexuality for years because I live in a bigoted, homophobic hick town.

I'm really, really worried about this shit. I feel like I've become a monster, but I would never, EVER do anything like this and I hate myself because I can't stop thinking about it. Should I go to a psychologist or something?
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As long as you don't act it out, it's fine.
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i really do not know what to do missionary or sitting down???????????????????????????????????????
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You need to talk to a 'psychologist' not any of the other things everyone else has mentioned.
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Definitely see a physiologist cause it's "NOT NORMAL".
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Definitely not normal. You need help.
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fantasies are fantasies, if it gets you off and you are hurting no one in the process it's okay. But when it becomes outside of fantasy and you feel that it's going that way then you need to seek help before you do something that will ruin your life and someone elses.
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Not normall seek profesional help
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