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Is it normal to have fetishes with womens high heeled shoes?
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Since I was a kid I´ve always felt attracted to women´s feet and footwear but mostly high heels. I remember I used to smell women´s high heeled shoes as a kid and then as a teenager I started masturbating on women´s shoes (preferably heels, I know, creepy, you don´t have to tell me) A former girlfriend caught me doing it once when I was around 16 or 17. The masturbating and cumming on shoes part is now gone, I´m 30 and have found other more "common" ways to masturbate, but I still like to stare at women dangle their high heeled footwear and I ocassionally continue to smell their shoes when I get a chance and sometimes I believe that the only reason I don´t masturbate in them anymore is because I dont have the chance. Im also always fantasizing about having sex with women with high heels. I´m afraid this might interfere with my sexuality because I focus too much on women´s feet even when I have sex, and a few have been somewhat freaked out buy it. I have no girlfriend at the moment and havent had one for around 2 years. Am I a freak or is this more normal than most people would assume? Is it somewhat common but not discussed out of embarrasment?

No offenses or cheap shots please. Let´s keep this on a adult level.
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I don't know any girls who would refuse to wear heels in bed (granted I'd be nervous of injury, but I'd be willing to try).
Won't be hard to find a girl for you.
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It normal. People just don't talk to other people about their own fetishes.
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I have had a shoe fetish since about the same age as you and I adore women but my shoe fetish never left. In fact once I found WET silicone lubricant it increased even more. I spent a lot of time searching, shoe fetish boot fetish, and found a lot of people who never outgrew their fetish either. As for me I couldn't terminate the fetish, I do love women but in between I really do love shoe play.
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