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Is it normal to have hard time remembering what I did 2 days ago?
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Is it normal for you to put an effort to remember what you did 2 days ago? How fast can you remember it?
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Comments (10)
Dude, sometimes I can't remember what I did two hours ago.
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I forget what I was saying mid sentence. Or what the heck I just walked into a certain room for. So you have 2 days on me. LOL
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I have a terrible memory. I lose things all the time and I can't remember things like that either.
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We all need to stop smoking. Haha.
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Sometimes I just can't remember.
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I don't smoke, weed nor cigs. So that's def not the issue.
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It was a sunday, i had cookie crisp cereal for breakfast at 11am which is when i woke, i distinctly remember seeing one that had no chocolate flakes on, it was the first one i ate. At lunch around 2pm my family came round for sunday dinner, i had 4 slices of pork, 6 potatoes, 2 yorkshire puddings, 3 helpings of cauliflower, around 14 mushy peas and apple strudel with custard for desert. I also dreamt about eating a subway with my girlfriend, she had the chicken mayo, i had the chicken tikka, we also iceskated around town, with no ice. We shared one cookie, she had sprite, i had one too.

I wont bore you, but i can remember my day perfectly for some reason. I dont know why or how i can remember this. I smoke weed alot. Then again, i can roughly remember what i got for christmas each year for the past 10 years, im now 20. My short term memory is pretty terrible, but for some reason i can remember nearly anything the day after.

Im not boasting, it seems like i remember pointless shit about my day, i would rather use it for useful things, instead of how much food i ate etc. Infact im quite jealous, I cant tell if its today or yesterday occasionally, i lose track of all time and it feels like im stuck in the past when i remember things its that vivid.
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i have problems remembering what i did 30 minutes ago
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I always forget what I eat for lunch at school, even a few hours after I've eaten.
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you have a good mind man :D sometimes i wanna go to shopping before i close the door i know what i want to buy but in shop i cant remember ...
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