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Is it normal to have knees that bend backwards?
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My knees bend back further than straight.
For example if this is a bent knee, )
This is a normal person's straightened knee, I
This is my fully straightened knee, (
It has never been really painful except when I stretch for splits, and my knees feel like theyare going to burst through the skin on the backs of my legs. After prolonged sitting they often crack, loudly and sometimes painfully. I am a cheerleader, and a tumbler, but I am not sure this is a normal thing for a teenager like myself to have problems with at such a young age. My knee hurts some days and it feels weak and like I can't bend or move it. Are my knees normal? Do I need to see a doctor. Is there anything I can do?
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Get that checked out..
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I knew someone who had knees like that. I don't think it was painful for him. He liked to show people for the shock fact.or When I saw it myself it was almost like he physically didn't have kneecaps...but I don't think walking would be possible without some sort of kneecap.
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if it hurts, you need to go see someone
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I have that problem. Mine are just like that too.
As others have said on here, it's call hyper-extended joints. Your tendon behind your knee is extra flexible and it shouldn't hurt to bend it back like that.
Though, it may seem odd or kind of cool, you should try to not let them do that. Mine bend backwards if I'm stranding for a while, and it just happens. My athletic coach told me that it can be dangerous though, and you could easily have an injury. I've already had one knee injury from it. I had bent mine backwards, and my kneecap slid off to the side, which was very painful. You don't want that to happen. So you don't want to bend them too much or your tendons can tear >.<
It helps to strengthen your muscles around your knees to keep them from injury, so weightlifting and working out helps.
Usually, hyper-extension of the knees is a genetic trait. So your parents may have that problem too. If not genetic, it can also be caused from extreme pressure on your tendons over many years to stretch them out, but that is very rare.
Hope this helps! :)
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You may want to have your doctor check that out. Maybe you can get it fixed.
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It's called hyper-mobile joints.
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Uhh yea that's not good, make sure your doc knows.
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Yeah, you have hyperextended knees. It's not really that uncommon, but yours seems worse than most. I would get it looked at
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Instead of people just diagnosing her on her somewhat obscure dipiction of what can do, I propose we think of it as not a medical affliction.
I have had friends that can do the same thing with their elbows, I can imagine the same thing working with other joints.
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i can also do that but it dont hurt
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My knees are like that I thought it was 100% normal 0_0
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I'm also a cheerleader and dancer and i have the same problem kind of. My dance teacher said i have back bent lets which if your legs are straight they would look like | but mind are like ( - it is painfill sometimes, he just told me to keep an eye on it and straightening my legs by pulling up from my thighs and not locking them to get used to not extending them.
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This sounds exactly like Joint Hypermobility Sydrome. I have the same things...extreme range of motion in most of my joints, elbows and knees "bend backwards", and ALL my joints crack and pop ALL THE TIME. Along with that is my joints dislocate and subloxate really easily...especially my shoulder joints, usually while I'm sleeping. Go see a rhumetologist to rule out other connective tissue disorders like Ehlers-Danlos, and they will also likely refer you to a physical therapist.
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