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Is it normal to have light bladder leakage?
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Okay, so since I was about 10 I've always had a 'light bladder leakage' problem, still do. At that age I thought I was merely 'getting wet' , but I noticed that it was constant. My vagina, to this day, leaks. I use either just toilet paper wadded into a ball, a tampon, or a pad to get the leakage. My vagina just drips urine out, all the time, a steady flow. It's not a lot, but I always have to have something it. It's been years since I've worn underwear without something there,
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I think this can happen if you spent a lot of your time trying to 'hold it'
As in, you held in your urine instead of just going to the restroom.
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Definitely not normal - see your doctor!!
Think twice about having kids too. Incontinence is a problem quite often afterwards even if it wasn't before. You can't afford to be making it worse! Get to the bottom of it (pardon the pun!)
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Not sure if you've had kids but even so your pelvic floor muscles shouldn't be that weak as in leading to leakage. See your doctor, they may be able to suggest something. Oh sorry just noticed its since you were 10. No it's not normal, see a doctor
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I'd see your dr about it.
Its better to use proper continence pads though because they draw in the moisture. Using paper can lead to a rash or infection because it sits there rubbing in the skin.
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Probobly normal how long has it been sense you have had sex or master bated its most likely horny
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we are only well trained animals
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Well it's normal if you've been pregnant, but I'm guessing you haven't. How old are you now? Just curious. You really should see a doctor about that.
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Go to a doctor.
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Ewwwwww noooo!!!!
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aap agar abhi bhi is problem me hoto.
aap pehle docter se mil lo.
i think over mastribution ke vajah se u suffered
this problem. or aapne chote umer me aap ne over
limit sex kiya hai.
Life is too beautiful make more beautiful.
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