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Is it normal to have separation anxiety over a same sex friend?
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I'm 22 and a dude and I've been best friends with this guy since I was a kid, we room together now during college. We are both sexually straight but have been platonically committed on and off with each other under wraps, no kissin' or cuddlin' or any of that, just some good hearted American dream bromance type shit. So yeah, really bonded and connected with the guy. Anyway, I get anxiety real bad when he isn't around, and get real depressed if he's gone for days at a time. I really worry about him is all and get nervous he might not come back or something. It gets to be kinda handicapping at times if he's gone long.
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The way that you took half the post to explain you're not gay, makes you sound pretty gay.
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My best friend and I smoke weed and cuddle with each other in bed. I'm usually the big spoon, nothing sexual, just some good old affection with each other. I'm more of a touchy feely kinda guy. But yeah, my best friend never minds it! I just think he is so cute and hot with his sleeved up tattoos on both arms.
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So just tell him that you are curious and want to experiment with giving him a blowjob. That what it sounded like to me.
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