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Is it normal to have sexual attraction to older chubby Men
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Ok guys,so this is for other gay men,since i am young i have always been sexually attracted to men who look like a regular father type,you who wear glasess,beards,and have a big belly ,when i saw Tony Soprano my knees weaked ,is it normal to be slim but attracted to older chubby Men who look like a regular Joe ??
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Do you know anything about the gay community? I'm not even part of it and I know more than you it seems. Yes, it is normal. I am friends with a homosexual couple just like what you're describing (heavier, older, father type). The term as I understand it in the gay community is a bear. If you are a skinny gay man who acts more effeminate you would be a twink. So to answer your question yes it is a normal type of homosexual relationship.
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its very common
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I agree I love bears. But NOT TO BIG PLEASE!! arms must be muscular everything else. Mmmmm yeah nice an round. SOFT PLEASE!! so I can sleep on to, hairy chest an face drives me crazy!! I like to scratch um as if their ithcy I think its cute :)
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Its very common. I have always dated men over 40 years old. I am with a man who is principle of a college. He is over 50, big belly, big cut cock. He is totally dominating and I love feeling his belly against my back. He also has huge heavy balls which is heavenly when it touches my face. I am slim and love it up my ass. Its normal.
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Damn too bad it's not a girl asking :-(
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