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Is it normal to have white creamy stretchy mucus before period?
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Okay so me and my bf rubbed but didn't penetrate we did this at around feb 21. i was already late my last period was jan 1 until now im not having period, it's mar 1. i have irregular periods since i started menstruating. I am just very worried, now im having white creamy, a little bit stretchy discharge of small amounts. can i get pregnant just by rubbing? please help me i am really freaking out. help me ease my mind please. thank you.
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did he cum?
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n u cant unless his sperm makes it inside of ur vagina. that white discharge is just a thing some woman get. sometimes its clear, but sometimes its whiteish and rarely its whitey yellow. dont worry hun ur just developing. sometimes going on the pill will help it.
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he ejaculated outside but im not sure if he had pre ejaculated. please help me.
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do you know of any valid cases who got pregnant without penetration?
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its called cervical mucus and is totally normal. and it doesnt mean your pregnant. A woman’s cervical mucus is different throughout her menstrual cycle and these changes in cervical mucus reflect her stage in the cycle. After menstruation, as your cycle progresses, your cervical mucus increases in volume and changes texture. The greater volume and changes in texture reflect your body’s rising levels of estrogen. You are considered most fertile when the mucus becomes clear, slippery, and stretchy. At this stage the cervical mucus can be compared to raw egg whites.
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i am just worried because we "rubbed". can it cause pregnancy? please someone help me. are there any cases? i asked him and he said nothing came out. cn my worries or thinking that im pregnant give me symptoms of pregnancy?
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your not pregnant :) you have natural discharge, pregnancy isnt always a late period.
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"rubbing" does not cause pregnancy unless he actually ejaculated.
the discharge is normal and can happen from time to time.
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