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Is it normal to have your nipples sucked ?
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A guy is comming over my house tomorrow & hes comming to suck my nipples im excited but is it normal to juss have your nipples sucked ?
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When getting with a girl for the first time nipple sucking is like how i test the water to see if she will be open to more things, if she complains about me kissing her tits then she obviously isn't going to let me kiss her fanny.
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@: Darkoil

this is one of the things I love about the slang differences between the US and the UK.

for us "Fanny" means buttocks. We even sell "fanny packs" here.
I'm pretty sure that phrase weirds the UK people out a bit... i think they call them hip packs or something like that.

still it's good for a chuckle =)
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We call them 'bum bags'. :D
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It depends on how far you want him to go.
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