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Is it normal to hear sounds like crickets in your head ALL the time?
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I hear sounds like crickets chirping all the time. Just wondered if anyone else has this. I am 56 years old and have heard these sounds since I was a kid. Sometimes it gets really loud too.
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There's a comedian in your head and he isn't telling any good jokes...
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Sounds like tinnitus...
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@: moomus
no, he said it sounded like crickets ;)
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oh my god i have this exact same thing. one day i sliced off the top of my head and where my brain should be was just full of insects that crawled out onto the desk.
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Yes it's normal it's more than likely tinnitus or done type of sound sensitivity. Ignore all the assholes suggesting schizophrenia.
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This happens to me sometimes/rarely when I listen to music too loud but it only happens at night.
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Why did you even write this question? You know its not normal
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Whatever....I've been like this all my life. I don't know what you hear in your head maybe that it's ok to be rude??????
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