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Is it normal to let my dog eat me out
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I love it and so does my dog.
im strait but i love watching lesbian porn and getting off to it, whats that mean?
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That means you like lesbian porn and letting your dog eat you out.
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I LOVE having my dog eat me out whenever I get horny he just comes and eats me out and sometimes has sex with me I have an orgasm every time it feels soooo good you guys should try it sometime
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As long as you're not forcing your dog to do it.. Next time don't ask 2 unrelated questions in the same post.
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is there any girl friends you have your eye on? tell us and if the dog likes it and you like it for Gods sake go for it
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There's nothing wrong with it. you should let your dog lick you as often as you want.
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I like mac n cheese too, it's nothing to be ashamed of. Sooo much cheesy goodness.
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Have u tryed the three cheeze one
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Great idea. Have you ever jerked your dog off to feed the cat?
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