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Is It Normal To Like Girl Farts?
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Hey im 19 years old and i dont know why but i find it really attractive when girls fart, I never actually smelled a girls fart but im sure that if i did i would get turned on really hard. One time a girl in my class told me she really needed to fart so bad and she asked me if she could fart in my face, I got so turned on I wanted to get on my knees and let her fart all over my face. I have had this fetish for a wile now and i dont know how i started liking it. Sometimes I wish i had a girlfriend that would find it fun or funny to fart in my face and make me smell her gas. I feel so disgusting and strange when i think about it, and i find it so very sexy at the same time but its not my fault. Do you find this totally disgusting and repulsive, or just an odd fetish? And If your a girl and your boyfriend told you that he has this fetish and he would find it really hot if you could fart in his face, what would you do or say? (By the way i dont like pee or poop, just farts.
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I'm a girl and if my significant asked me to do this, I would. No big deal. Kinda strange, but nothing sick.

I remember reading in a class on human sexuality that fart fetishism is most common among lesbians. Weird, no?
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I know where your coming from, i was about to lick my girldriends ass one time, like usual, and she farted directly in my face, and i almost came right then. The thought of a pretty girl, farting point blank in your face, the awesome stinkey smell, and if its a good one, you can taste the fart, which i fucking love! But i would do anything sexual for her, ive fantasied about cleaning her but with my tounge after a big stinkey shit.
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That's actually a much more common fetish than you think, even for someone your age.

If I had a boyfriend though and he asked me to do that, I definitely would NOT. I myself am not into that sort of stuff. Smelling fecal matter is a turn off for me.
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Anything that seems taboo can be pretty sexy and I certainly would not complain if a hot girl wanted to fart on me :)
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Its weird cuz im exactly like you when it comes to this stuff
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It's pretty strange becuz I've had this same fetish for a while as well heh :)
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you like anal and you are gay
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So wrong...Don't like the idea of gay sex at all, only girls bottoms for me :)
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I get really aroused by the smell of my sister in law Sandra's farts, I love the aroma when she's pooped in our toilet as well...she has a bowel movement 3 times a day, so nearly always obliges when she visits :)
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