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Is it normal to like putting things up your ass
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Is it normal to like putting objects up you ass pressing your prostrate milking your prostrate & streaching your ass
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Whatever turns you on! :)
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Streaching? Sounds lovely.
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Who is that chick on your profile pic?
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I like having a finger in my ass when I'm being fkd...I'm a girl tho ;)
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Randypete u sick fuck
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i want to stick my tounge in your ass
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i dont know or care but....IM SO HAPPY I SHIT RAINBOWS!!!???
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Hell yeah it's normal, once a guy tries it and sees how good it feels any guy will want to experience it Again. My first time was a girl putting a small vibe in me, omg she knew what she was doing, I wish more girls understood that about guys prostate and edging
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