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Is it normal, to like the smell of your own vagina?
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So, sometimes after sex, or i'm aroused, i can smell my own vagina. And i like the smell. It's almost... comforting and familiar. (I like the smell of my man's junk too, or when he has very deep, manly smelling cologne.) It's not at all fishy, but very musky. Sometimes it turns me on a little. Also, i really like the musky smell of my boyfriend, or me after working out. Is this normal?
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When people sweat tons of pheromones escape their body, these are what attract us to the opposite sex. About liking the smell of your own vagina, I'm sure its normal. I mean its yours! Why not like it? lol
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i was thinking happy thoughts about smelling your vagina until i read that last comment
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How about the smell of his load inside u after a couple days, specially w/o showering?
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It is normal, I stick my hand down there often and smell mine.

I don't like the smell of other people though when they are dirty, but I don't mind it if it's someone I love.
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